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The Enright’s mission in Africa was inaugurated with the founding and operation of their Kafakumba Training Center.   Their work at the center involves several important areas of enterprise that is helping the African people in this impoverished region regain a sense of their own self-respect, independence and destiny.

Organic Farming is a key focus of the Kafakumba Training Center.   In 2005, the Enrights-with funding assistance from others – purchased approximately seven acres of immature banana trees on the outskirts of Ndola.   The development of this farm is one facet of the Enrights’ commitment to help erase poverty in Zambia.

By using organic farming, creating a fish hatchery and manufacturing and marketing high-end woodworking pr

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oducts, the Enrights and others are helping to fuel a sustainable income and productive life for the Zambian People.

Most importantly, by focusing on joint ownership and profit-sharing by and among the Ndola residents, the Enrights are helping to create a model for sustainable economic and social development that has no donation of sheer cash could match, in terms of its profound, positive effect.    Through their innovative teachings and training at Kafakumba, the Enrights are planting the seeds of hope for the African people in this vicinity.   As a result, these native people can enjoy the sense of pride and accomplishment that comes from managing their own growth-focused economy, and the satisfaction that independence and a bright future hold.

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