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I wanted to sit down for a few minutes and give you some brief updates on all the projects that are going on around here.

The funds are gradually coming in from our friend connected with Wal-Mart for the construction of the center.  We have the walls finished on the last dormitory and work is going forward on landscaping, painting and a host of other jobs needed to get the place up to the standard which we must get to.

The self sustaining projects are all moving forward although it is a long haul to get things profitable in Zambia.  I suspect that if the truth is known it is difficult anywhere.  The cows are doing great but this is a long term project.  We are starting a feed lot for the calves that were born this past year so they should be fattened up much quicker (18 months from birth) than to run them on grass which takes about two and one half years. We should have well over one hundred calves born in the next few months and when they are at a sellable size then things should carry themselves.  We have had almost no disease or deaths and any problems have been slaughtered and used for food.  The cost of carrying the whole thing until it gets up and running has been a lesson that I have been taught.  We are selling infertile animals and getting by.  One huge advantage is that we have a lot of land and the animals can forge for food.

The fish are a happy development.  We have finished the hatchery and are able to produce all our own babies that are sex reversed.  As you will recall all the fish in ponds have to be males so the babies are fed a tiny bit of testosterone to tip them into becoming males.  We have 5 acres of ponds operating and plan to add many more this year.  My son, Nathan, is in charge of the fish area and has severa

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l great Zambians who work very closely with him.  The whole thing is encouraging and should show some profit
towards the end of the year.

The wood working area is picking up and is being properly managed.  It has had many problems over the last year but things are stable and should become profitable in a few months.

The honey project is encouraging.  It is still early days but we have 3000 hives that will be occupied soon and we will be on our way.  The plan of working with villagers who look after the bees and earn a good living seems to be working out well. The honey is of great quality and we will see how the whole thing goes forward.  We are steadily making hives and hope to have 30,000 in a few years.

Bananas are showing good progress.  We have bought the kind from India that should be resistant to the disease so we will see.  The old ones still have a few years of production in them.

The Aloe Vera is just coming into its own.  There were some problems with disease and too much water but we are on top of that now.  We are starting to advertise over the radio and get our sales up.  We could not go all out selling when we had no product.  Now we have something to sell and it is taking off.  It has been a long. I am hoping that by July we should be in a positive cash flow situation.

The palm oil is about the same.  It is a drain financially but I really can’t crush the hopes of those little farmers so we will hang in there and see what happen.

Well, that is about it.  This is the hardest thing I have ever done in my life.  It is important and exciting and if even one of these projects hits a home run we are flying. So we hang in there and have the faith and courage of believe that suffering and wretchedness is not predetermined lot of Zambians

John Enright


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