How Tracares became involved with Herewini

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In Late 2007 Ken asked me if I would be able to help him with establishing an avenue for him to be able to assist Indian people develop affordable housing on their reservations and business opportunities that would help them become self sufficient.

From this initial discussion I had flown into South Dakota to meet with the Oglala Lakota tribe at Pine Ridge Reservation two hours drive out of Rapid City. I had been to Pine Ridge Reservation on several occasions and was able to arrange a meeting with Chief Cecilia Fire Thunder and several of her people. Following my discussions with them they agreed to travel down to Phoenix for a three-day conference, which he would host and facilitate for them.

Ken Losch then had Chief Cecilia Fire Thunder and four of her people flown down to Phoenix and hosted them in a conference. Where best management practices, strategies and thinking were shared with them to enhance tribal managerial dynamics. As well, their needs were discussed and possible business opportunities that they might like to be involved in.

The meeting went very well with trust being developed and a door for possible future meetings and busin

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ess opportunities being opened.

In the final day of this conference, in the middle of introductions to Ken’s business partners to the Oglala Lakota visitors, a significant spiritual revelation into the approaching financial crash occurred and was shared with Ken Losch and other members of his team who were in the conference room at that time detailing what was coming and what would happen…

The financial crash came and  things were put on hold with the Indian work but the door to the Oglala Lakota remained open for future contact which we hope to explore soon.

My work with Ken during this period developed into a close friendship of trust where since then TRACares has been involved in supporting my programs to the following Indian tribes on several occasions:

To Idaho to work with the Shoshone and Bannaqua Indians at Fort Hall Reservation, in to Oklahoma to the Indian River Side Boarding School to speak to non achievers, to North Carolina to meet with the Lumbee, to Page in Northern Arizona to meet with Ernie White Horse from the Navajo as well as continuing my work with the Salt River Maricopa Pima at the Papago Reservation in Phoenix.


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