June Update from Herewini

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In New Zealand these are some of the programs I have facilitated since late December 2010 until May 2011.

December 28th 2010 – Flaxmere Suburb in Hastings. Tongan community meeting to help them address gang issues amongst them. 25 people attended.

January 9th – Opotiki community meeting 20 people attended. Focus drugs. Crime.

January 14th – Hamilton community meeting 40 people attended. Presented on cultural identity.

January 21st – Cultural training for Rangipo prison staff 18 people attended. Training went for six hours.

January 25th – Rotorua met with a family about identity and genealogy.

January 28-30th – Three days facilitating programs amongst the Northen Tribes in Kaikohe City. I did nine presentations and spoke to around 300 Maori people covering subjects such as parenting, identity, education, crime, drugs, alcohol, gangs, and spirituality….

February 2nd – Conference call with Ken Losch to give him updates and progress we are making.

February 6th – Huria Marae in Tauranga city. Presented on the necessity for self-evaluation and change. 25 people attended.

February 13th – Opotiki town met with Maori elders about the importance of identity.

February 18-20th – Facilitated a conference for 43 Tongan, Samoan and Maori young adults. Discussed the importance of ancestral values and principles.

March 4th – Flew into Las Vegas and spoke at the James Smith M5 conference at Green Valley Resort for two hours on the Indian Tepee and it’s hidden message. 200 people were in attendance.

March 4th-21st – For three weeks traveled to different parts of the US working with 1st Nations people while based at Ken Losch and his wife Lori’s home in Tempe Phoenix AZ. I spoke to hundreds of Indian people during this period.

March 2627th  – Rotorua City New Zealand two-day conference with Maori leaders. 60 were in attendance.

March 29-30th – Two-day program at Rangipo Prison with 50 inmates on identity and how to break the cycle of crime.

April 1-2nd – Two-days in Manurewa Suburb, Auckland city, working with families.

April 9th – Hamilton city with 20 people a three-hour conference on breaking the cycle.

April 15-17th – 60 Tongan, Samoan and Maori young adults from Papa

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kura Suburb Auckland cit

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y on a three day camp on identity.

April 24th – Hamilton city facilitated a three-hour conference with Maori elders on Identity and intervention strategies in crime prevention.

April 26-29th – Assisted in facilitating a Probation program for released prison inmates. Focused on how to change and why that was necessary if any of those on the program were going to be able to move positively on with their lives.

Following are several comments from participants on the Probation program April 26 – 29th :

“Helped me look at myself in a different way. I have set a goal to become a person I am happy with”.                                           Matt Beazley (Black Power Gang member he has spent over 20 years in prison)

“I learnt how I can free myself from the chains that are holding me down. My wairua (spirit) is stronger and I can see clearly now. I want to change my path, head for the light and stay away from the dark. I want to better myself and look after my tapu (sacredness) and help others”.    Manuel Rata (He had the words ‘Red Eye’ tatooed in large letters on his neck so we called him red eye).

 “It has filled the gap I didn't know about my people. This has helped in a big way with forgiveness, courage, being proud, and how to steer my life in the right path. I want to make changes around the way I think about life and approach things in a different way. I want to be a better person and make the right decisions. I would encourage the brothers I have moved away from, hopefully they could learn something and turn their lives around. I liked most learning about Ta Moko (tattooing), the links back to the islands and our ancestors. I have a lot of positive energy now”. – Michael Rata (Red Eye’s twin brother).

 “I set a goal to stop drinking and smoking and being a violent person. There is a meaning to life and I want to treat my wahine (woman) and whanau (family) in a better way”. Anton Frazer

 “I want to stop drinking. The wananga (knowledge) is good for the wairua (spirit). I learnt about smoking being a curse, and drinking. I learnt about Te Kawiti (a famous Maori ancestor). I need to stop drinking so I can be a rangatira (chief) for my whanau (family)”. Wynn Goodwin, he is a direct descendant of Chief Te Kawiti.

Noho ora mai na


4th May 2011

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