June Update from Kafakumba, Africa

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Here's a little updat efrom this end.  Things are moving forward well, in my opinion.  Everything is exhibiting solid, steady growth.  The training center is going well.  Construction is proceeding and a lot of important jobs have been accomplished.  The architects from Texas will be arriving in September and will be looking at the dining hall and the auditorium in terms of finishing those buildings up to the standard that we all desire.  This is the team of people who do the construction for WalMart.
They are certainly capable, and I am hoping for great things. As far as the work of the center, we have just finished up the 6 weeks training with approximately 100 pastors and their families from all over central Africa. This is an expensive and challenging exercise, but in terms of having an impact on thousands of people's lives there is nothing that we do that compares with it.  As leaders within their villages they are taught development, medical training, and a wide variety of useful subjects that they take home with them.  It also creates an extended community through which synergy can be created and gives us a channel of access into very remote places.  We are currently conducting the women's conference which we traditionally conduct the week after Pastors' School so we can utilize teachers from the US.  Again, a very exciting and rewarding experience for all involved.  The center continues to be booked as much as we will allow it, and this is what I hope the future will look like indefinitely.

The cattle are doing well.  We have had 18 calves in the last few weeks, and a whole bunch more are on the way.  We are now starting to realize our dream of supplying deGama with a steady supply of meat.  They have had 3 cows to butcher in the last couple of weeks, and others will be supplied to them as they are needed.  So the whole system is working.  Our share of the co

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ws helped with the feeding of Pastors' School.  Brian and Jade's bananas are doing well.  We have found the variety that appears to be resistant to bunchy top virus.  This will allow us to produce the crop for many years without disease killing the trees.  With this new variety we will plant another 10 acres in the next few months.  The hatchery and the fish ponds are a big deal, and it has all been very challenging, but the fundamentals are right.  It certainly makes money when it works properly, and the next few months should see it becoming profitable.  I am still very interested in growing moringa.  The idea of a plant that produces huge amounts of food which can be used for human consumption, animal consumption, and bio-mass is very attractive.  The sales of aloe vera are slowly expanding and are keeping pace with our capacity to produce it.  We are now selling in Lusaka and in the Congo.  I would have hoped that things were a little farther along by this point, but at least the company doesn't cost me anything, and within a few months there should be some solid revenue created.  The woodworking is looking hopeful now, but it has been very rough.  The trusses look like they will be in big demand with the mining companies.  Having let others run the company into the ground and then run off I have been left with trying to pick up the pieces.  But it is all coming together finally.  In a few months the company should be on its feet.

That is a brief rundown on what is happening here.   I may have mentioned to you that I received a delegation from the Angolan government who wanted me to put in hydroelectric plants all over Angola to provide electricity for villages.   The Angolan government has so much money because of the oil.  They are looking for community-based development projects, and the electricity units would be perfect.

Love and prayers, John and Kendra


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