April 25th Update Letter from John Enright

Dear Ken and Lori,

I want to give you an update on how things are going on this end.  We are all doing well.  The two grand babies keep life interesting.  As you know, this is a beautiful time of year here in Zambia with blue skies and pleasant temperatures.

The honey operation is doing very well.  Nathan is helping me with the manufacturing of beehives, and we are able to make over 200 hives a day.  This is allowing us to supply the many, many people that want to participate in the honey project.  We are working with over 4000 villagers now and have distributed about 25,000 hives.  We have added a centrifuge (honey spinner extractor) to our process, and this has allowed us to get our waste down to around 10%.  This is about as we can get.  The hybrid beehives suspended in the trees are seeming to work very well, and the wild bees do not tend to abandon them nearly as often as they did with the old style hives.  Again, this is good news as we are retaining about 60% occupation over the rainy season.  Last year we produced about 60 tons of honey, and marketing was a concern.  We sent samples of the honey all over the place.  What has happened has been a bit of shock.  We have people wanting to buy our honey from all over the world, and of course now we don’t have nearly enough to supply all our potential customers.  We completed the organic certification process so we are fully certified for the EU (and the rest of the world), and the analysis of our honey gives us extremely favorable results.  We are currently supplying an organic honey in Europe that will be mixing the honey with moringa extract.  We will see how all of this works out.  We are hoping for around 60 tons this next harvest, and hope to steadily increase production as more and more beehives go out.  It is very encouraging when a business does what it is supposed to do.

All of the other businesses are doing well.  The cows have done especially well this year, with a reproduction rate of about 80%.  We have also added dairy cows to the mix.  Fish, bananas, sheep, goats, mulberries, moringa, and aloe all are moving forward.  Honey is definitely the jewel in the crown.
Lots of love,

John and Kendra

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