Countering Global Warming with BeeSweet Honey

An EU initiative that seeks to counter global warming through a carbon credit system has come to Bee Sweet. In order to encourage villagers to stop cutting down trees, thus slowing the warming process, an economic incentive must be present. Bee Sweet has been contracted to provide this incentive. We have entered into (2) such projects in Zambia both of which use our sustainable model of villager bee keeping as the incentive to go green. Our contract will call for thousands of new hives that produce delicious honey and pay villagers to keep the forests in tack. Organizers will document through satellite imaging whether the concept actually does save the trees. We will keep you posted as results become known.

UN Project to Provide Economic Development

The United Nations Development Programme works to encourage global development in the least developed countries around the world. Several years ago, the UNDP attempted to establish a honey project in a remote part of Zambia. Without the local presence and expertise of Bee Sweet, the project has under performed. The UNDP has identified Bee Sweet as the perfect partner to implement our Model of Bee Keeping and Honey Processing. This project will result in a significant expansion to our business and represents yet another confirmation that our African tested Model is the blueprint for the future.

It’s Harvest Time
We are in the middle of our harvest season. And so far, the news is good. Our May harvest was stunted by a drought, especially in our southern schemes. But we anticipate a record Dec-Jan harvest nearing 150 tons. That would put our 2016 total tonnage at around 280 for 2016. Our May honey is officially sold out, but if you are a purchaser of bulk or packaged honey contact us now before our current harvest is gone.

Focused on Growth and Improvements
Looking forward in 2017, we have several new and exciting initiatives. •We will be installing a modern and efficient LOT CONTROL System. Utilizing bar code tracing, this custom software/hardware System will trace our finished honey back to the individual hive, it’s location, and village farmer. This is required for quality assurance and for many of our customers in the EU.
•Our first container of Plastic hives will arrive early in 2017 and will be installed in the bush shortly after arrival. This will move us from the testing phase, to the full scale production phase. We are excited for this much needed development on several levels. It will decrease the amount of wood we need for hives by 70%. In addition, it will enable us to increase our rate of growth by eliminating the bottle neck of our current method hive production.
These are exciting times for Bee Sweet with our eyes towards growth while providing an ethically sound and sustainable income source for impoverished African villagers. And of course, producing the world’s purest, best tasting Honey!

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Chris Fread, Business Manager

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