Bee Sweet Founder and Visionary John Enright has “Gone Home”

Bee Sweet Founder and Visionary John Enright has “Gone Home”

2017 ended tragically for all us associated with Bee Sweet when our Founder and Visionary was killed in an automobile accident. Thankfully, Kendra, John’s wife survived, and we pray for a complete recovery.

This has rattled everyone involved in the Company. The past 3 months have been a very difficult time of first shock, and now the reality of pushing forward without John–which is what he would want us to do!

John established the vision for a faith-centered business with an eye towards the “least of these”, our economically impoverished village partners. That vision will never change and remains at the foundation of all that we do. Our team has rallied and is committed to finding the Path forward. Please join us in praying for John’s family and the Company. May we be a blessing to the memory of John Enright.

January Harvest Hampered by Poor Rainy Season
Our January 2018 harvest was lower than expected due to a rainy season that was both sporadic and light. We had planned for 150+ tons but the actual harvest was just north of 90. We do not believe this has any long term implications but rather it’s a result of doing business with Mother Nature! So far, the rainy season has been good, which foretells well for our upcoming harvest in June.

Bulk Honey Buyers
Do you purchase large quantities of Bulk Honey? Be sure to contact us via our “Request Quote” Button. Depending on the actual numbers for the June harvest, we are probably Sold Out again this harvest. However, the process to purchase our Honey takes time and we would love to begin a dialogue with you regarding future purchases of the world’s “Greatest Natural Honey”!

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