• Bee Sweet Founder and Visionary John Enright has “Gone Home”

    Bee Sweet Founder and Visionary John Enright has "Gone Home" 2017 ended tragically for all us associated with Bee Sweet when our Founder and Visionary was killed in an automobile accident. Thankfully, Kendra, John's wife survived, and we pray for a complete recovery. This has rattled everyone involved in the Company. The past 3 months have been a very difficult time of first shock, and now the reality of pushing forward ... Read more »

  • Countering Global Warming with BeeSweet Honey

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    http://us12.campaign-archive1.com/?u=b7dca57c00141f128aa589871&id=ba79e2b1f7&e=b1bee90353 An EU initiative that seeks to counter global warming through a carbon credit system has come to Bee Sweet. In order to encourage villagers to stop cutting down trees, thus slowing the warming process, an economic incentive must be present. Bee Sweet has been contracted to provide this incentive. We have entered into (2) such projects in Zambia both of which use our sustainable model of ... Read more »

  • Bee Sweet

    Stop by http://www.beesweetltd.com/ We supply Certified Organic honey for bulk export across Africa, the E.U. and the United States. We ship in 300kg food grade steel drums out of Walvis Bay, Namibia or Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Our honey Our light amber, polyfloral raw honey is produced by our trusted beekeepers in Central Zambia's virgin Miombo forests. We believe honey is naturally delicious in its purest form so we ensure our product ... Read more »

  • Bee Sweet Honey

    Bee Sweet Honey http://woodmizer.com/us/Success-Stories/ArtMID/5109/ArticleID/155/bee-sweet-honey?no_redirect=true Bee Sweet Honey By Jacob Mooney and Etienne Nagel, Wood-Mizer Contributing Authors Born to Methodist missionaries, John Enright has spent his entire life living and working in Congo and Zambia as a pastor, teacher, pilot, and pioneer of sustainable economic development projects. He was raised speaking several tribal languages and has a thorough grasp of African culture. The Enrights were forced to flee Congo at the beginning of ... Read more »

  • Honey making its way to England

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  • Zambian company proving bees can be big business

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    One company, Bee Sweet Ltd, has developed a scalable and replicable business model that is not only producing high quality, certified organic honey for domestic retail and export, but also saving trees and substantially increasing the incomes of rural farmers in Zambia. “You’ve got to understand, what we’re doing is nuts,” Bee Sweet’s founding entrepreneur John Enright asserts. “We’ve made 50,000 beehives ... Read more »

  • April 25th Update Letter from John Enright

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    Dear Ken and Lori, I want to give you an update on how things are going on this end.  We are all doing well.  The two grand babies keep life interesting.  As you know, this is a beautiful time of year here in Zambia with blue skies and pleasant temperatures. The honey operation is doing very well.  Nathan is helping me with the manufacturing of beehives, and we are able to make ... Read more »

  • 2014 Village Photos

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  • June Update from Kafakumba, Africa

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    Here's a little updat efrom this end.  Things are moving forward well, in my opinion.  Everything is exhibiting solid, steady growth.  The training center is going well.  Construction is proceeding and a lot of important jobs have been accomplished.  The architects from Texas will be arriving in September and will be looking at the dining hall and the auditorium in terms of finishing those buildings up to the standard that ... Read more »

  • How Tracares became involved with Herewini

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    In Late 2007 Ken asked me if I would be able to help him with establishing an avenue for him to be able to assist Indian people develop affordable housing on their reservations and business opportunities that would help them become self sufficient. From this initial discussion I had flown into South Dakota to meet with the Oglala Lakota tribe at Pine Ridge Reservation two hours drive out of Rapid City. ... Read more »